Monday, August 31, 2015

Holy Crap, we're back!

Holy crap, we're back!

With all the craziness that's been going on, I haven't had time to sweep the cobwebs out of my corner of the internet lately. (Truth: I've had time but I've spent it doing other eating chocolate covered pretzels, growing a  human being in my body, and watching the soft-core known as Outlander. No judging.)

So! Here we are with ALL! NEW! THINGS! That are really just commonplace regular things that are new to us. 

Things like: 
  • A new baby! Baby Thor will be here on or around Feb 11, 2016. Dani is...underwhelmed by the arrival of a baby brother, but very excited about finally being able to stay up later than anyone in our house. 
  • Dani is in Kindergarten! She's made the leap to a new school, and is crushing it. She's happy, adjusted, and basically being 5, Which, all previous ages considered, is my favorite so far. (Bias Revealed: The fact that all butt-wiping is now HER responsibility is not a small factor in determining my favorite age.) 
  • Kris' sarcoidosis is in remission. (Can I get a halle-fucking-lujah?!) His ACE levels, along with many other bloodwork components that don't need to be memorialized on the internet, are returning to normal. Clearly, this return to health can be attributed to his wife's nagging about eating his goddamn blueberries and not the heavy-dose pharmaceuticals he's been mainlining for the last few months. 
That's all the time I have today, more to come tomorrow and (hopefully) on a more regular basis.